PHA Circle of Sisterhood

Having a college education is something that I personally took for granted until I learned how difficult life is for women around the world who are not able to get one themselves.
Ginny Carroll, being Greek herself, realized the power sorority women have in helping girls and women around the world have an education.
This year the Mizzou Panhellenic has adopted Circle of Sisterhood as its philanthropy. Together, all 15 sororities on campus will work towards a common goal of helping women earn an education and better their lives and futures.
This month, every Tuesday at 7pm in Neff 204, PHA will be showing part of the documentary, “Half the Sky” which inspired Ginny Carroll to found Circle of Sisterhood. On April 30th Ginny will be visiting Mizzou herself!
All who are interested are welcome to come, and I will have more information about Ginny’s visit the closer it gets to the 30th!You can see MU’s own Circle of Sisterhood page here:

Post written by: Katie Hynes, Panhellenic Delegate

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