Initiation Spring 2013

Hi, my name is Olivia Barfield and I’m the Vice President of New Member Education for the Epsilon Mu chapter.
This past week was a very special week for our 26 new members. Saturday was especially exciting for them because they all became new initiates of our wonderful sorority. It made me proud watching them take their final steps into our sisterhood and finally being able to call them my sisters made me overcome with joy.
These 26 ladies are perfect examples of what a Sigma Kappa girl should be; enthusiastic, driven, and kind. I loved getting to know these ladies these past six weeks and I can’t wait to further our friendship (outside of the learning aspect).
Even though this was our first initiation as an installed chapter, I felt it went exceedingly well. All members in our chapter played a significant role in welcoming these wonderful ladies into our sisterhood. I am SO excited for next fall to welcome even more new sisters into our special bond.
Post written by: Olivia Barfield, Vice President of New Member Education

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