Mom’s Weekend 2013

Epsilon Mu celebrated Mom’s Weekend on April 6 and 7. On Saturday night, members and their mothers participated in a craft night, where they made scented soaps, bath fizzies and lip balms. These spa goodies were put into homemade bags for the members and their moms to take home. The event also featured boards put together by the housing interior designer to give moms and daughters a sneak preview at some of the qualities of the house, which will be completely renovated by this fall.
On Sunday, the members and their moms attended a brunch at the Upper Crust, where members took pictures by the event banner, which featured doves and the phrase, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” which also appeared on the event T-shirts. Moms were also put to the test in an activity in which they had to see how much they knew about their daughters, answering questions like, “What is your daughter’s favorite movie?”
The Parent’s Events Chairwoman also spoke at the brunches about the important role mothers play in the lives of Sigma Kappa members.
Members took pictures with the Mom’s Weekend banner:
Members crafted Spa goodies with the mothers:
The weekend ended with a Brunch for the mothers and daughters who participated in Mom’s weekend:
Post written by: Sara Naatz, Parent’s Events Chairwoman

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