Scholarship Program

Although our scholarship program is brand new, it is working very well!
The main component of our scholarship program is the Pearl System, which is a system based on members’ GPAs that determines how many “pearls” one has to get each week. Members can get pearls in a variety of ways, including attending study hours, filling out study guides, getting A’s on tests, or visiting professors!  The Pearl System was made with all different types of girls in mind, and is always flexible in order to ensure that everyone’s study styles are included.
Some other programs within the scholarship program are the mentoring program, Smarty Panties, and the A Box.
The mentoring program is a system set up so that girls with lower grades can meet with members of the scholarship committee to discuss study skills, time management techniques, and other useful strategies to help them improve their grades.
Smarty Panties is a $15 giftcard to Victoria’s Secret given out every 2 weeks to the member with the most extra pearls.
The A Box is a $5 giftcard given to a member whose name is drawn randomly after receiving an A on something (whether it be test, paper, quiz, lab, etc.) during the previous week.
The Epsilon Mu held a Honors Banquet at the beginning of the spring semester to celebrate our members who made it onto the Dean’s List for the Fall 2012 semester. Those ladies were:
Jenna Allison
Emmi Apel
Olivia Barfield
Amy Bash
Emily Bathe
Molly Benton
Allison Berndt
Molly Bliss
Haley Block
Alexa Burnett
Amanda Carvalho
Lisa Conley
Laura Connor
Abigail Corkins
Caroline Daiker
Erin D’Amico
Madeline Davis
Monica Derbes
Ashley Diddell
Olivia Dobard
Andrea Dobbie
Samantha Dobsch
Madeline Dufek
Emily Dunne
Amelia Erker
Abigail Gray
Sarah Grill
Tess Hart
Elizabeth Harvey
Samantha Healey
Kimberly Hejza
Taylar Hogan
Kaitlyn Holbrook
Martha Holstein
Mariah Hughes
Samantha Hurrell
Katie Hynes
Crissy Imery
Mollie Imlach
Kelsey Jansson
Tiffany Jean
Lauren Johnson
Frances Jones
Savannah Kannberg
Abbigail Kass
Jordan Kirsch
Natalie Kirst
Clare Klawuhn
Peri Knobbe
Morgan Kotva
Sabrina Kowalik
Katherine Kropp
Haley Lewis
Erica Lyons
Kristen Macke
Sara Marler
Colleen McGovern
Ashley McWilliams
Colleen Menadier
Sophie Meskis
Hannah Miller
Megan Mollman
Rachel Mormol
Sara Naatz
Lindsey Neuwirth
Taylor Nolan
April Oberkirsch
Sydney Owings
Lauren Pearson
Taylor Pfaff
Madison Phillips
Julie Pizzolato
Katherine Pohlman
Brooke Pollard
Tylar Pollard
Madeleine Ptacin
Nichole Raaf
Erin Ratican
Christina Renfroe
Kennedy Robinson
Leah Roy
Hannah Saulic
Erika Schlotthauer
Hannah Shaw
Meghan Sholy
Amy Silvestri
Kara Simon
Cori Sobota
Amber Steele
Britney Steele
Hailey Swanson
Kelsey Taff
Alexis Tolcou
Erin Twaddle
Megan Voorhis
Nicole Walden
Jordan Warren
Taylor Webb
Rebecca Wegner
Nikki Wener
Kelsey Westhoff
Katherine Wilsdon
Allison Wrabel
Kathryn Wyssmann
Demi Yeager
Post written by: Lauren Johnson, Vice President of Scholarship

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