Greek Week 2013

Greek Week at Mizzou is a very large community-based event for the sororities and fraternities to come together and compete in many different events.
The theme for Greek Week 2013 was ‘Myths & Legends”. Sigma Kappa and our pairing, Kappa Sigma, chose ‘Dracula’.
Throughout Greek Week there are many events including the blood drive, service opportunities, fling performances and games. We created a unique ‘Dracula’ themed blood booth where we helped sign-up around sixty donors. We also designed a Special Olympics booth, where participants could play ‘bobbing for apples.’
As a pairing, Sigma Kappa and Kappa Sigma made it to the final four in volleyball advanced to the second round of Family Feud and won our first game of basketball.
We also won superlatives for our “Love at First Bite” theatrical fling performance – those included placing in the top three for best choreography, best male singer and best fling director. As a whole we put on a great performance during fling.
The two Greek Week liaisons – Caitlyn Guy from Sigma Kappa and Matt Maus from Kappa Sigma – won best liaisons. For us, receiving that one award was more gratifying than any other award could have been. All of our hard work, sleepless and stressful nights, was worth it in the end.
I could not be more proud to see how close the ladies of Sigma Kappa came together through all the tedious tasks we had to do, and the men of Kappa Sigma were nothing but helpful and determined with every little thing that was asked of them.
Greek Week changed Sigma Kappa for the better, not only in accomplishments but in sisterhood, and it made our relationship with other members in the Greek community even stronger.
Post written by: Caitlyn Guy, Greek Week Chairwoman, Awarded Best Greek Week Liaison 2013

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