MUTV Execs

Sigma Kappa encourages all members to join at least one other organization on campus to become more involved in the community.

Four of our members –  Maddie Ptacin, Hannah Saulic, Haley Hughes and Samantha Healy- chose to become part of MUTV, the student-run television station here at MU. But they did not just become members of the organization; they took the extra step to become leaders in that organization as well.

Sigma Kappa is so proud to announce that four of our members will be holding executive positions for The Prowl, an entertainment show run by MUTV, next school year.

We would like to congratulate these three girls once again for going beyond what was asked of them. We are so proud!

Here are the positions they will be holding:

Maddie Ptacin – Web Director
Hannah Saulic – Co-Producer
Haley Hughes – Events Coordinator
Samantha Healey – News Executive Producer


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