Bid Day Fall 2013

  Roughly one thousand and three hundred women were lined up on the Quad waiting to open their bid cards Sunday August 18th.
Members of each sorority were huddled in specified areas around the quad while the rest were putting final touches on the decorations back at their house. Once the potential new members opened up their cards, they instantly started screaming and ran excitedly to whichever sorority was printed on their card.
Awaiting the screaming, new Sigma Kappas were their “heart sisters” holding up sun callers with “Sigma Kappa Loves” and a name on each of them. The “heart sisters” gave their new sister the caller and talked about how excited they are that they joined Sigma Kappa.BidDay2
Once all of the new members had gotten their callers, they all walked back to the Sigma Kappa house.
Upon arrival the rest of the chapter chanted and welcomed the new members. The “heart sisters” walked the new members into the house where they received their bid day bags containing sunglasses, hair ties, water bottles, buttons, window paint, and other fun things.
A photographer came to the house to take pictures of the whole chapter and the new member class.
Lunch was served buffet style after pictures were taken. The current members and new members then had time to socialize and pack their own candy bags from a candy bar in the dining room.
After some socialization the women headed down stairs for a special surprise!
There was a hypnotist show that lasted about ninety minutes. After the act the new members, accompanied by their “heart sister,” headed back to their residential halls.
Once there, the “heart sisters” said bye and the new members headed over to the Tiger Walk, a freshman tradition on campus.
Post written by: Olivia Barfield, Vice President of New Member Education

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