RESPΣΚT Campaign 2013

RESPΣΚT, established in 2005, is national Sigma Kappa movement to strengthen the bonds of sisterhood within chapters and condemn hazing.

Each September, during National Hazing Prevention Week, each chapter is encouraged to host activities in support of anti-bullying and hazing efforts nationwide.

Participation in RESPΣΚT allows members to understand the importance of showing support and respect to their fellow chapter members as well as every other person they know. Many activities held during these weeks can range from workshops, lectures or activities to promote these values.

This year National Hazing Prevention Week is Sept. 23 to 27. In support of this week, our chapter has planned a couple events during the week to promote respect among the other Greek organizations on campus.

These events include…

Monday Sept. 23
Members are encouraged to make their cover photos the RESPΣΚT week photo. Buttons with the statement “Ask me why we don’t haze” will be handed out at chapter and on campus to students who want one.

All Sigma Kappa members will also wear a shirt that has “I don’t haze because real sisterhood is not forced” on the back.

RESPΣΚT week cover photo.

Tuesday Sept. 24
Sigma Kappa is hosting a roundtable discussion with members of other chapters on campus. The participants will brainstorm how the Greek community as a whole can put a stop to hazing.

Wednesday Sept. 25
Sigma Kappa members will be tabling at the Student Center on campus. We will be handing out buttons and having members of the Greek community sign anti-hazing pledges that will then be sent to their chapter national headquarters.

Thursday Sept. 26
Members will continue to table today. There will also be a banner that members of the Greek community can sign in support of anti-bullying and hazing efforts.

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