Dad’s Weekend 2013

The ladies of Sigma Kappa welcomed some very important guests on the weekend of Sept. 6. The women’s fathers traveled from near and far for Dad’s Weekend to see the chapter’s new house, participate in mini golf, take a swing at the batting cages, eat a BBQ lunch and attend a very toasty football game.
On Friday night, the women and their dads headed out to Perche Creek Golf Club for some nostalgia-based fun.
Just as many dads do with their young daughters, everyone grabbed some clubs and neon golf balls to take on the standard 18-hole course in the beautiful nighttime weather. After only a short time into the evening, the line for mini golf stretched back into the building. Seeing this, many women took their chance to grab bats and helmets and meander back to the batting cages.dadday2
The women and their dads took on speeds from 50 to 80 mph in both softball and baseball, and the sound of typical dad tips — “hold your bat over your shoulder like this” — tinted the air.
Some girls even convinced their dads to take them on in a friendly go-kart race.
The next day, everyone met at the Sigma Kappa house at noon to eat a BBQ lunch and play some tailgating games before the afternoon football game. Lutz’s BBQ provided the amazing pulled pork and pulled chicken for sandwiches, in addition to homemade chips, baked beans and mac-n-cheese.
After that, the women and their guests headed over to Faurot Field for the football game, where temperatures soared to about 115 degrees on and around the field. Members, new members and fathers proudly wore their black and gold Dad’s Weekend shirt as they endured the heat together.
Post written by: Sara Naatz, Parents Day Chairwoman

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