Big/Little Reveal Fall 2013

On Friday September 13th our new members found their forever families within Sigma Kappa.reveal1
Big/little Reveal is a thrilling experience that both members and new members will never forget.
The new members gathered in the Sigma Kappa basement, while the members gathered on the front lawn with baskets of crafts and treats for their newest family members.
The members each created a puzzle with their name on it and stuck it in a balloon.
The balloon was blown up and the little’s name was written on it.
Once all of the balloons had been completed they were all placed in the basement.
Once all there, the new members got the “green light” to enter the balloon-filled room and find their designated one.
They had to pop the balloon and put together the puzzle to reveal who their big sister was.
The new members then ran outside to find their bigs and give them a big hug.
The new members were then showered with gifts from their big sister.
The gifts included a 1874 charm, t-shirts, a paddle, her favorite candy, and Sigma Kappa letters.
After all of the new members found their bigs, they celebrated by either going to get dinner or ice-cream together.
Post written by: Olivia Barfield, Vice President of New Member Education



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