Epsilon Mu takes first place in fundraising for Alzheimer’s Association

The Sigma Kappa National foundation encourages chapters to raise funds for Alzheimer’s every year around the Walk to End Alzheimer’s rolls around. Nationals presents an award to the chapter that raises the most money by the end of the year.
Upon finding this out, I immediately checked Epsilon Mu’s standing among the competition. We were in sixth place! Solid start, I would say, but the jump to the next spot was a couple thousand dollars. Thus began my obsession of checking the Alzheimer’s Association’s website.
I informed the chapter of our predicament and our potential for success. A little number crunching and some cheesy motivational speeches was all it took to get these Sigma Kappas moving.
We led an email campaign in which each member sent an email to five different people asking for online donations. The donations started pouring in. I was so overwhelmed, thinking of all the great things the Alzheimer’s Association could do with this money.
With a week left before the walk, we were in third place. Approximately $9,000 separated us from the first-place Sigma Kappa team. They were notorious for their impressive fundraising efforts, and were the reigning champ. We wanted to sweep that first place title from them more than ever.
The day of the Walk, we reached our goal of $15,000. I was already at the Walk, helping set up with some other volunteers, when we hit it.
What.a.feeling. That money would be used to support Alzheimer’s research efforts, support groups for those affected, technology to keep those affected by Alzheimer’s safe, resources for families and caregivers and so much more.
We do not plan to stop there though!
As of this moment, we have raised $16,850.00. We plan to sell t-shirts and hot drinks during the cooler months to raise more money.
Sure, the competition made it more fun, but it is so much more than that. It is about raising money for a cause that impacts more and more people every day, and doing what we can as college women to make a difference.  It is a blessing to be able to say we helped fund a cure someday.
To make a donation visit http://act.alz.org/goto/SKEpsilonMu
Post written by: Colleen McGovern, Vice President of Philanthropic Services

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