Homecoming 2013

For Homecoming 2013 the women of Sigma Kappa were paired with Phi Gamma Delta and Delta Chi, and it was one we will always remember.
Looking back, it was made up of long nights of painting and pomping; endless amounts of glitter and Modge Podge (which is apparently really called Mod Podge); Disney and 90’s power hours; endless amounts of Taco Bell and McDonalds; crying until we laughed and laughing until we cried; making new friends and reconnecting with others; and ultimHomecoming 2ately bonding with sisters and making memories that will last us a lifetime.
With the overall theme of Great American Cities, we were able to select Philadelphia, a city known for brotherly love and rich American history. Learning more about the city, we focused our theme on the idea of colonial America and the founding of our great nation.  With additions such as Independence Hall in our campus decorations, the Constitution in our skit, and the Liberty Bell on our float, we were able to dive into the rich history of the city and come up with the slogan “the pairing that rings a bell.”
Even though it was our first Homecoming, we were able to be competitive with established houses that have been doing this for years, and we were able to place 8th overall along with placing in the following:Homecoming 1
2nd Place in Skit
Best Male Actor Superlative
2nd Place in Royalty
2nd Place in Service
4th in Decorate the District
4th in Blood
6th in Parade
8th in Campus Decorations


Overall, our first year doing homecoming was an overwhelming success. The chapter was able to establish ourselves on campus and surprise the entire Greek community. The chapter and the boys in our pairing were really able to come together to make this one of the best homecoming debuts Mizzou has seen, and together, we were fully able to become  the pairing that rings a bell!
Post written by: Morgan Chaney, Homecoming Chairwoman



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