Member Spotlight- Savannah Kannberg

Savannah, right, in a Lilly Pulitzer dress with sister Taylor at Greek Week basketball!
Savannah, right, in a Lilly Pulitzer dress with sister Taylor at Greek Week basketball!

Savannah S. Kannberg, junior Strategic Communication major, was offered an internship position with Lilly Pulitzer for this summer. This is what she had to say about her exciting news:

I’ve always been a Lilly Pulitzer girl. I love the bright colors, the crazy prints, and, of course, the story of Lilly Pulitzer, who was quite the creative entrepreneur. I memorized print names, collected pieces and spent more time than I want to admit looking at the Lilly website. Over the past few years, I would see the list of Pinkterns (as Lilly calls their summer interns) on their blog and dream of being one.

They say that if your dreams don’t scare you, you should dream bigger. I spent quite a few nail-biting months going through their process, which made me realize just how much I wanted this internship. There was a surprise phone call with Lilly’s Vice President of Human Resources during one of my classes, lots of emails back and forth with their super sweet Recruiter, a creative project and some Skype interviews, including one with the woman who will be my boss this summer! Each time, I would get more excited because everyone there sounded like me: they used exclamation points in their emails, they were excited to be working for Lilly and they definitely lived a Lilly life. I wanted to be there, at the Pink Palace!

I got a phone call on March 17, where I was offered the position of Creative Communications Intern for this summer at Lilly Pulitzer’s headquarters in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania! I don’t completely remember what I said, but it was a lot of “ohmygoshes!”

And then, two of my sisters surprised me by writing a “Sunshine,” congratulating me on getting my dream internship at our chapter meeting. I felt the overwhelming support of such a wonderful group of sisters, with all the sweet messages, hugs and from all of you who bragged about me to your parents, your friends and random strangers. Getting referred to as “Savannah, the Lilly Pulitzer girl” makes my day!

I absolutely cannot wait to start this summer of Lilly as a proud Pinktern! Look out for some Savannah-isms on their social media. (Aka, start following Lilly Pulitzer now!)

xx and lots of dove love,
Savannah Kannberg


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