Fall 2014 Big-Little Reveal

Epsilon Mu had their fall Big-Little Reveal on September 18 and 19.

Bigs spent the week leading up to the reveal making crafts for their respective littles. They left the treats in the piano room at the chapter house with small clues about themselves for the Littles to use to figure out who they were!

10710752_530577053739512_6015923577544183193_nOn Thursday and Friday evenings, Bigs left matching or coordinating outfits for their Littles to wear and use to find them outside or in the sitting room. Lineages were expanded and Littles were welcomed into their families with open arms and crafts and candy to beat the band!10711116_846992228652750_9136297711367194113_n

Here’s what member Ellen Foody had to say about reveal:

Big Little reveal this year was something I have honestly been looking forward to since my own reveal, and I just got more excited this summer when I started crafting for my future little.

I knew that I wanted to find someone who I could call my best friend, someone I knew I could go to for whatever I needed, and someone that would always make me smile when I was feeling down. I got just that!

I met my little on Bid Day this year, and we instantly connected. I was overjoyed that I met this sweet, amazing girl, and I knew that I wanted to get to know her more, I ended up doing so… and on the night of Big Little Reveal, it was official!

I had gotten the sister that I knew was just like me. I am so grateful to have her, because she has a bubbly personality that can light up a room, but also a caring heart. I can’t wait to see where the next few years take us!


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