10 Favorite Memories of my First Semester in the Mystic Bond

Rachel Szopa, PC 2014

Let me start out by saying that I don’t believe in favorites. My likes and dislikes are far too complex and changing to ever be limited to just one “best.” And even if I did, I could never pick one single favorite memory of Sigma Kappa. This past semester has been filled with a million amazing moments, big and small. To pick only one would be impossible.

So I’m not going to. Instead of one- here’s ten, in no particular order. The more the merrier, right?

  1. Bid Day. After an overwhelming Recruitment week, I had finally found my home. Bid Rachel Szopa3Day itself was a little overwhelming, but in an exciting, good way. The Dove Love was everywhere.
  2. Countless dining hall meals with sisters.
  3. The night two of my pledge sisters and I hung out in the Skouse’s study room for hours singing Sara Bareilles songs off-key, attempting to do cartwheels, and laughing until we almost cried. That was the first night that I felt completely secure in my decision to go Greek. I knew that Sigma Kappa was exactly where I was meant to be.
  4. Attending every tailgate and football game dressed to the nines, ready to cheer on the Tigers with my favorite girls. I usually followed the football game with an illegal post-game nap on the Skouch. Oops.
  5. Being spoiled with gifts for a week and then discovering that my favorite Heart Sister was now my Big. I finally had the cool older sister I always wanted. Then I got to spoil my Big in return during Big Appreciation Week.
  6. Not gonna lie- I actually liked pomping. Without the hours of licking tissue paper, I never would have met so many of my closest friends. I think that marathon weekend is one of those experiences that cements friendships. Fun fact: the secret ingredient in Mystic Bond is actually pomp juice.
  7. Through Sigma Kappa I had the opportunity to go on an amazing, life-changing mission trip to Jamaica with 59 other Greeks over winter break. RachelSzopa4
  8. Finding my best friends and girls I can look up to.
  9. Finally Pledge Szopa was an official member of the sisterhood she loved so much.
  10. Seeing sisters around campus. Mizzou is a big school, but waving to a familiar face or seeing someone proudly wearing their letters always makes my day and makes campus feel a little bit more like home.

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