Sigma Kappa Memories

Elizabeth Heidt


This little gem popped up on my time hop today.  I can’t believe it was taken 16 years ago!  I have special memories attached to each of these beautiful faces; parties, volunteer work, dinners, studying in the dining room, Thursday night must see TV, learning and performing step routines, getting ready in the morning and yes even the occasional drama.  These were the faces that were by my side for 4 years as I grew from shy small town girl to confident young woman ready to take on the world.  They were part of that transition and I am so thankful for each of them.  Thanks to social media I still know what everyone is up to.  I continue to share their joys and say prayers when someone posts that those inevitable tough times have come.  Many sisters and I still tailgate with at Mizzou football games in the fall, two of my pledge sisters were bridesmaids for me, and I got to serve as a bridesmaid for them.  One is the godmother of my first-born. The bonds of sisterhood have lasted well into adulthood, and I am certain will continue for life.  Now I have the privilege of serving as an advisor for Epsilon Mu.  It is thrilling to see the current collegiate women of Sigma Kappa enjoying the beautifully updated yet still familiar Curtis Avenue house.  I know how special the memories they are making now will be for them, and of the milestones big and small that they will celebrate for years to come with Sigma Kappa sisters by their side.

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