Little Sister, Big Difference

Four times a month, sister Emily Isaacs meets with her little sister as part of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Missouri. She got involved through one of her classes on campus.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a program that provides strong and enduing 1-on-1 relationships to children across America.

“I have two little sisters at home. I am very involved with doing things with them and for them,” Emily said. “I felt like I was missing that at school.”

Recently, Emily and her little sister made Valentine’s Day cards and cookies, and then brought them to the police station.

“I like to do things that will make her appreciate things and will also help us bond,” Emily said.

With this program, Emily is able to get to know her little sister on a personal level.

“I get to know who she is and where she comes from,” Emily said. “Her life is much different than our lives.”

Service is one of Sigma Kappa’s four values. We encourage our sisters to get involved as much as possible, both through Sigma Kappa and in the community.

“I am in Sigma Kappa because I really love service and making a difference in the community,” Emily said.


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