Mizzou Alternative Breaks

Last week, many of our sisters went on a Mizzou Alternative Breaks (MAB) trip! They traveled all across the country doing service for various communities! Here are a few recaps of their trips.

MarleeRMarlee Ribnick
Charleston, South Carolina
What was your service project: Homelessness and Poverty. We worked at a food bank in the mornings, and in the afternoons we volunteered with WINGS, which is an after school educational program for elementary school kids in impoverished communities.
Favorite part about the trip: Getting to see Charleston and bonding with the 11 other Mizzou students on my trip.
Why did you decide to go on the trip: Another Sigma Kappa convinced me that I should apply since I was so passionate about homelessness and poverty. I’m really glad I did!

Cori SobotaCori Sobota
Bluff, Utah

What was your service project: Working with children in an elementary school with a 98% Navajo children population
Favorite part about the trip: Traveling to the Navajo Reservation and learning about their culture, traditions, and beliefs
Why did you decided to go on the trip: I wanted to immerse myself in service for a full week, rather than just the typical few hours.

Kara SimonKandallKara
Dallas, Texas

What was your service project: Volunteering at a women’s shelter for domestic violence and human trafficking. Favorite part about the trip: Meeting new people at Mizzou who wanted to learn on their spring break, and bring it back to Mizzou.
Why did you decided to go on the trip: I wanted to do something that would benefit both others and myself over spring break. I wanted to feel like my spring break impacted another community, as well as my own.

Bridgett KiefferBridgettEmma
Moncure, North Carolina to Camp Royall

What was your service project: Working with adults with autism. I was a camp volunteer at Camp Royall and worked with the participants  there as well as helping the camp staff with various projects to help them prepare for their summer camps for adults and children.
Favortie part about the trip: My favorite part about the trip was being able to work with the adults, because it helped to put life in better perspective for me. To realize that just giving love to someone can make all the difference to them and that is all that really matters. They were some of the sweetest people I have ever met, and I am very blessed to have had the opportunity to be their friend and just hang out with them while at camp.
Why did you decide to go on the trip: I wanted to go on an MAB trip, because I wanted to give back to someone else in need. I chose disabilities as my number one choice because I really enjoy working with them due to their optimistic outlook on life. I worked with various types of adults and children with disabilities throughout high school and I knew this was something I truly enjoyed and wanted to dedicate my free time to them. I most certainly plan on applying for other MAB trips in the future and hope to apply to be a site leader as well.


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