A Family Bond

This weekend is Mom’s Weekend at Epsilon Mu! In preparation for a fun time with our moms, we are going to share a few stories about legacies throughout the week. Today, Emily Dunne talks about being a legacy with her grandma!

There is a something interesting about being a legacy. There’s an underlying bond that you get to share with your mom, grandma, sister, aunt that you never got to experience. For me, it’s my grandmother: pledge class of 1945 at the Beta Nu chapter at Bradley University. One of the most caring, wonderful, hilarious and empathetic people I know not only gets to serve as my beautiful grandmother but also my dutiful sister.

When I was first getting ready to go through recruitment, Sigma Kappa was just recolonizing here at Mizzou. I was gathering my recommendation letters to the various houses when my grandma called me up and said that she was writing me a letter for Sigma Kappa. I told her that although I appreciated it, that sorority wasn’t on the list. She explained that the chapter was coming back to campus for the first time in ten years and although she didn’t expect me to join or want to force me into anything, it would be so exciting to be able to call me a sister.

From the day I signed my bid card to initiation and so on, my grandma has always known the latest Sigma Kappa news in my life. She loves being able to relive her sorority days and revel in the Sigma Kappa traditions and values that still hold true over 50 years later. Being able to share the Sigma Kappa secrets and treasures with someone in my own family is one of my favorite things about being a part of Sigma Kappa. The mystic bond made me and my grandma grow closer and I am forever grateful to Sigma Kappa for that.


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