My Best Friend

Devan Collins talks about her special bond with her mom!

As I decided that I wanted to come to Mizzou and join a sorority, my mom told me that Mizzou didn’t have a Sigma Kappa. This was was disappointing for both of us, but much to our surprise Sigma Kappa recolonized during my senior year. I was so excited to go through recruitment and potentially share this sisterhood with my mom. When we discovered that Alzheimer’s was added as on one of Sigma Kappa’s philanthropies, we both cried because her mom has Alzheimer’s. We just knew that Sigma Kappa was meant to be. I excitedly called her every day during recruitment to tell her that I had been invited back to Sigma Kappa. Bid day could not have been more exciting because I had made all of these new sisters, including my mom who has always been my best friend.

My favorite Sigma Kappa memory that includes my mom was when she came down to initiate me into this sisterhood with her badge and stayed the next day for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. The Walk is very important to us as we think about my grandma. It’s really great that my mom has been able to come to both walks so far and join the Epsilon Mu team.


I love everything about my mom and I’m so happy that we have been able to share this bond on top of the one we had before I joined Sigma Kappa. Being away from her in college has been hard, and I call her every day. One of my favorite things about my mom is that she is like my own little fan club and support system. She came to almost every football game during my time with Marching Mizzou, never misses a livestream performance for RAMS, Homecoming, or Greek Week, and is always especially excited for Mom’s Weekend.


Whenever she’s around, people can tell how much we love each other and think it’s so cute that we find this whole legacy thing so fun. She gave me SK shoelaces and a bag that she got at the 1984 National Convention. I only hope that I have a daughter to join SK when she goes off to college so I can shower her with old SK things and share this bond through three generations.


I love you mom!

One thought on “My Best Friend

  1. I am crying, sobbing really. I know how much your Mom loves you and I am so glad you know that. She is an amazing Mom and raising an amazing daughter. I love my sister and niece!

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