Our Core Values: Loyalty

Delaney Klingl talks about Loyalty!

I knew what loyalty was by definition before I came to college. I always thought it was an important part of any relationship. But I never had strong relationships in high school and always felt like I was watching “good” friends come in and out of my life as it suited them. Because of this, I found myself finding it really hard to trust people. Coming to college with only about four other people from my high school was terrifying.

Going through recruitment and joining a sorority was my way of finding my place. A place I could go where I had something in common with others, a place that I felt comfortable. To be honest, when I joined Sigma Kappa I hadn’t really paid much attention to its values, I was more worried about which house was most relatable to me through the girls I talked to during recruitment. But boy am I glad that this is one of our values; after joining Sigma Kappa I genuinely learned what loyalty was.

Loyalty is something beyond friendship; it creates something stronger and more genuine. Loyalty is a bond between one or more people that have this amazing and profound love for you. It’s having someone’s back whether they are right or wrong just because you don’t want to let them face it alone. Loyalty is helping one another grow to be the best person each of you can be. Without Sigma Kappa, I would not know what loyalty truly is or know what it feels like to have loyal friends. I owe a lot to Sigma Kappa, and knowing that I will always have someone by my side to help me through the bad and congratulate me during the good is definitely one of them.

I want to give a shout out to some special girls for being the best friends I’ve EVER had. For being more outraged at wrong-doings toward me then I actually am, for knowing I deserve so much and not letting me settle, and for the late night movies and Grey’s Anatomy obsessions. I love you guys.


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