Big and Little We’ll Always Be!

This weekend, our 78 beautiful new members were welcomed into their families! The newest 12036779_947205042013700_2215990631673286318_ngeneration of the Epsilon Mu chapter of Sigma Kappa finally got to find out who their Bigs were after a week of clues, crafts and gifts! Every night this week, the new members found little gifts for them waiting in the music room.

On the big day, the Littles all filed into the basement as their anxious bigs set up everything upstairs and on the front lawn. After everyone was there and ready to go, the Littles ran up the stairs to find their costumes in a gift a bag. After they got everything on, they ran out to the front lawn to find the person with the accompanying costume, aka their Big! They were greeting with big hugs and lots of love! The costume themes ranged from Dr. Seuss, Beyoncé and Finding Nemo, to the three Blind mice, m&m’s and even the Spice Girls.

New member Brenae Howard says she is excited to finally have her big because ”It’s someone who I really can look up to and lean on when I need help!” Something we want for every little!

11934659_362920957211660_1359672201_nNew Big Corinne Geekie said it is hard to describe how special it was for her to get her little.

“You spend so much time and effort into making everything perfect for your little that when she finally sees you from across the lawn and runs to give you a hug – it is the best feeling,” Corinne said.

See the rest of the photos here.


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