The Best Kind of Father Raises a Sigma Kappa Daughter

We were so excited to have our dads here to visit us from all over for a fun-filled Sigma Kappa weekend!

We started the weekend off on Friday night at Déjà Vu Comedy Club where we had a special treat — a hypnotist put on a show for us and our dads! Everyone had a blast laughing at those who got hypnotized. “Seeing the Comic hypnotist was crazy funny, everyone who participated was hilarious! I think just about everyone was laughing so hard they cried!” Ryan Kboudi, parents events chair, said.

Sigma Kappa took over Bengals Bar and Grill on Saturday to watch Mizzou take on Vanderbilt. The game may not have gone our way but we still had a ton of fun watching it with our dads and sisters! “I think Dads weekend was a success this year, even without a home game! It was really fun to just chill and watch at Bengals with everyone rather than doing out own thing…and I know my parents had fun meeting everyone!” Ryan said.


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