SK Takes a Break

New member Lauren Knudson may be new to Sigma Kappa, but she is not new to service and helping others. Lauren originally got involved with Mizzou Alternative Breaks because she did a lot of service in high school. She wanted to continue to display her passion for helping others and was made aware of Mizzou Alternative Breaks by her freshman interest group teaching last year.

Mizzou Alternative Breaks gives students a chance to go on service trips over schools breaks. They offer trips over spring break, winter break, Thanksgiving break and even some weekend trips.


After applying Lauren served on a Habitat for Humanity trip last spring break. She describes her trip as “one of the best experiences of my freshman year.” Lauren is now heavily involved in Mizzou Alternaive Breaks because of her experience.

“I loved serving with a bunch of Mizzou students who had the same passion for service as I did, and it just felt like I had found a home at Mizzou,” Lauren said.

Once her trip was over Lauren knew she wanted to get as involved as she could. She applied to be a site leader for a future trip and was accepted. She will be leading a spring break trip this school year!

“Mizzou Alternative Breaks has not only introduced me to some of my best friends, but it has given the opportunity to serve a community greater than myself, and I love every second of it!”


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