Go Greek – Go Sigma Kappa

Formal Registration has officially opened for potential new members this fall! We encourage everyone to sign up so that you may find a home just like the one we’ve found in Sigma Kappa!

From Vice President of Membership Rachel Szopa:

We are excited for new members because they are our future best friends, our future roommates, our future littles, and our future chapter leaders. When I am with my sisters, I can look around the room and see incredibly strong women doing amazing things with their lives, and I am so eager to add more women to that group.

Recruitment is a time when our entire chapter comes together to find our new sisters. It’s a time for us to bond, have fun and find women who we believe in and want to become the future of Sigma Kappa. During recruitment and work week before it, we truly get to open up and talk about our values of personal growth, loyalty, friendship, and service. We think about how we live those values in our daily lives and how we can share those values with the women going through recruitment.

As Vice President of Membership, I am most looking forward to seeing the connections made among my sisters during work week. I have a lot of fun activities and bonding games planned, and I hope the chapter loves them.
And of course, I can’t wait to see all the wonderful women who will run home to 908 Curtis Avenue on Bid Day!
Sign up for recruitment here.  We can’t wait to see you all in the fall!

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