Dental Care for Kids

On October 23 and 24, 2015, senior Sarah Pieper participated in Give Kids a Smile, which is located in St. Louis, Missouri. Give Kids a Smile is an organization that provides free dental care and education for underserved children. The patients were provided with dental cleanings, x-rays, extractions, restorations and oral surgeries.

Sarah is a biology major, and she is on the pre-dental tract with the ambition to become a pediatrician dentist. Sarah assisted the dentists directly at Give Kids a Smile by helping with dental cleanings and x-rays, as well as escorting patients throughout the process.

“My favorite part was seeing the children have a fun dental experience after at first being hesitant and scared,” Pieper said.


Between the two days there were a total of 548 volunteers, 424 patients treated and $383,000 in dental services provided. This coming February, Give Kids a Smile will be back in St. Louis. For more information about the organization or how you can get involved check out their website:


SK Takes a Break

New member Lauren Knudson may be new to Sigma Kappa, but she is not new to service and helping others. Lauren originally got involved with Mizzou Alternative Breaks because she did a lot of service in high school. She wanted to continue to display her passion for helping others and was made aware of Mizzou Alternative Breaks by her freshman interest group teaching last year.

Mizzou Alternative Breaks gives students a chance to go on service trips over schools breaks. They offer trips over spring break, winter break, Thanksgiving break and even some weekend trips.


After applying Lauren served on a Habitat for Humanity trip last spring break. She describes her trip as “one of the best experiences of my freshman year.” Lauren is now heavily involved in Mizzou Alternaive Breaks because of her experience.

“I loved serving with a bunch of Mizzou students who had the same passion for service as I did, and it just felt like I had found a home at Mizzou,” Lauren said.

Once her trip was over Lauren knew she wanted to get as involved as she could. She applied to be a site leader for a future trip and was accepted. She will be leading a spring break trip this school year!

“Mizzou Alternative Breaks has not only introduced me to some of my best friends, but it has given the opportunity to serve a community greater than myself, and I love every second of it!”

Why I Walk Wednesday

Today, we are taking time to remember why we walk to End Alzheimer’s. One of our three philanthropies is Gerontology with an emphasis in Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States. It is the only top 10 cause of death in America that cannot be prevented, caused or slowed. Almost two-thirds of American’s with Alzheimer’s are women.

For the past two years, the Epsilon Mu chapter has been the #1 fundraising Sigma Kappa chapter in the nation. Last year, we raised over $37,000.

On Oct. 4, we will participate in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Some of our sisters have shared their personal connections to this horrible disease.

‪#‎whyIwalk‬ I walk because almost two thirds of Americans’ with Alzheimer’s are women like my grandma Eleanor Metzendorf. I walk because I want to see a cure for Alzheimer’s disease in my life time. I walk because only 45% of Americans with Alzheimer’s receive a diagnosis. I walk because I want to end ALZ. Please consider donating to my efforts for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s – which is on October 4th, only 18 days away! (I am 90% of the way to my goal woohoo!!!) Thank you all for reading this and supporting me!” -AnnMarie Metzendorf

“Sigma Kappa is important to me for many reasons, but our philanthropy is at the top of that list. Alzheimer’s Disease is not one that is commonly talked about, except by those it has affected. My grandpa passed away from the disease in 2012, and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about him. I don’t remember him as the man he became in those last few years, but as the man who took me to feed fish off a dock in Florida, who could always make us laugh with a witty joke. I don’t want any other family to have to experience what my family did. So, please, consider making a small donation for our cause. Every little bit helps. ‪#‎WhyIWalk‬” -Lindsay Gloor


Some facts and figures on Alzheimer’s.

Summer Internships

Our sisters have been all around the country this summer! Check out the amazing things they have been doing!

11851096_10203371653970382_446666735_nSabrina Salerno, Sophomore 

Law intern at The Law Offices of R. Michael Coker, Atlanta, Georgia

“I answered calls, scanned, wrote depositions, wrote demands, helped with a process for court, sat in on a deposition and much more. I loved experiencing what I will (hopefully) be doing in a couple years. I definitely learned more than I ever thought I would.”

Martha Farrell, Senior

Corporate Campaign intern at Make-A-Wish, Chicago, Illinois

“As the Corporate Campaign intern, I was responsible for assisting in launching and supporting many different corporate events. I worked with big companies, such as Maggiano’s Little Italy and Panera Bread, to ensure that their fundraising events would be as successful as possible! My big project of the summer was working on the Lemon-Aid for Kids promotion at Panera Bread. I was responsible for coordinating over 100 volunteers to work lemonade stands at 37 participating Panera locations in Illinois. The campaign raised over $27,000 in donations, which was so exciting! All of my hard work paid off! My favorite part of my internship was being able to interact with wish children and families. I spoke with so many amazing, grateful kids and families on the phone who were so thankful to have received a wish. It was very cool to hear about so many amazing wish stories from the participants themselves!”

Gloor_Lindsay_mgLindsay Gloor, Junior

Editorial Intern at the Daily Herald Newspaper, Lisle, Illinois

“I worked as a general assignment reporter, writing my own stories and collaborating with full-time reporters on their work. My favorite part was establishing a working relationship with my extremely talented colleagues.”

11843987_10205995005172565_16326615_nJenna Allison, Senior

Marketing, Cerner Health Conference Team at Cerner Corporation, Kansas City, Missouri

“I assisted in internal communications, event planning, keynote speaker selection and a myriad of other random tasks for Cerner’s $6 million annual conference. This is my sixth internship with the company! I have also worked in sales support, HR, contract management, finance, and pricing and packaging. Learning more about how Cerner’s products saves lives and knowing that I do a small part to contribute to that. Also, getting offered a full-time position upon graduation was pretty sweet too after six years of being an intern.”

FullSizeRenderKatie Hynes, Senior

Intern at FOX2 News, St Louis, Missouri

“I assisted web producers, covered breaking news, and worked with reporters and producers. My favorite part of the summer was getting retweeted by the St. Louis Cardinals!!!”

FullSizeRender-4Molly Brenner, Junior

Sales Department at Marc Jacobs and Fashion Department at Good Housekeeping Magazine, NYC

“At Marc Jacobs I analyzed sales data through excel. I learned a lot about excel, such as v-lookups filters. I also assisted with market for Resort and entered in orders to AX. At Good Housekeeping, I checked in and out samples that came into the closet, attended press previews and assisted with photo shoots. I loved being in NYC! I love New York so much and will move there after graduation. I also met so many cool people at both my internships. Also, at Marc I got to pick out what Maddy from ‘Dance Moms’ was going to wear to the teen choice awards!”

IMG_4715Molly Scharnhorst, Senior

The Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis

“I assisted the program director with planning activities, camps, walks and other classes for individuals with Down Syndrome. My favorite memory was working bike camp. I was assigned to be Frankie’s helper all week. By the end of the week he was up riding by himself on two wheels. At the end of the week he was so happy he cried and couldn’t thank me enough!”

Brooke Demuzio, Senior

People Services at St. John’s Hospital, Springfeild, Illinois

“I am the People Services intern. I have had real-life, hands-on experience in Human Resources related areas, such as compensation and benefits, colleague engagement, employee relations, recruitment and retention, pre-employment processes, employee health, and labor laws. One of my favorite parts of the internship was spending part of my time in the HSHS Central Illinois Division office. St. John’s Hospital is one of four hospitals within the division, and I was able to help out in their office. Another favorite part being an intern at St. John’s was being included in recruitment team meetings with the other recruiters and being able to give input in ways to better our recruiting processes.”

IMG_0444Samantha Healey, Senior

Summer training for the United States Navy at Lemoore Naval Air Base, Lemoore, California

“I shadowed Naval aviators attached to squadron VFA-154 (Black Knights). These aviators fly/manage weapons systems in some of the Navy’s fighter jets. I was able to go up in a Super Hornet (Navy’s fighter jet) and ride along while the pilot preformed jet acrobatics. I was also lifted from the ground by a Navy Search and Rescue helicopter.”

10647174_10152724272593698_1586396811193631201_nColleen McGovern, Senior

Short-term rehab at the Bluffs Nursing Home, Columbia, Missouri

“I performed admissions interviews, which assessed resident’s cognitive abilities and risk for depression. I also helped with discharge plans to ensure safe home transitions. My favorite part was singing and dancing with the residents at their happy hour!”

Mizzou Alternative Breaks

Last week, many of our sisters went on a Mizzou Alternative Breaks (MAB) trip! They traveled all across the country doing service for various communities! Here are a few recaps of their trips.

MarleeRMarlee Ribnick
Charleston, South Carolina
What was your service project: Homelessness and Poverty. We worked at a food bank in the mornings, and in the afternoons we volunteered with WINGS, which is an after school educational program for elementary school kids in impoverished communities.
Favorite part about the trip: Getting to see Charleston and bonding with the 11 other Mizzou students on my trip.
Why did you decide to go on the trip: Another Sigma Kappa convinced me that I should apply since I was so passionate about homelessness and poverty. I’m really glad I did!

Cori SobotaCori Sobota
Bluff, Utah

What was your service project: Working with children in an elementary school with a 98% Navajo children population
Favorite part about the trip: Traveling to the Navajo Reservation and learning about their culture, traditions, and beliefs
Why did you decided to go on the trip: I wanted to immerse myself in service for a full week, rather than just the typical few hours.

Kara SimonKandallKara
Dallas, Texas

What was your service project: Volunteering at a women’s shelter for domestic violence and human trafficking. Favorite part about the trip: Meeting new people at Mizzou who wanted to learn on their spring break, and bring it back to Mizzou.
Why did you decided to go on the trip: I wanted to do something that would benefit both others and myself over spring break. I wanted to feel like my spring break impacted another community, as well as my own.

Bridgett KiefferBridgettEmma
Moncure, North Carolina to Camp Royall

What was your service project: Working with adults with autism. I was a camp volunteer at Camp Royall and worked with the participants  there as well as helping the camp staff with various projects to help them prepare for their summer camps for adults and children.
Favortie part about the trip: My favorite part about the trip was being able to work with the adults, because it helped to put life in better perspective for me. To realize that just giving love to someone can make all the difference to them and that is all that really matters. They were some of the sweetest people I have ever met, and I am very blessed to have had the opportunity to be their friend and just hang out with them while at camp.
Why did you decide to go on the trip: I wanted to go on an MAB trip, because I wanted to give back to someone else in need. I chose disabilities as my number one choice because I really enjoy working with them due to their optimistic outlook on life. I worked with various types of adults and children with disabilities throughout high school and I knew this was something I truly enjoyed and wanted to dedicate my free time to them. I most certainly plan on applying for other MAB trips in the future and hope to apply to be a site leader as well.

Sigma Kappa is FTK!

We are so proud of our sisters who participated in MizzouThon this weekend. With the help of family, friends, donors and sponsors, our campus raised $201,322.68! This money will go to the University of Missouri Children’s Hospital and help 20 amazing kids.

MizzouThon is a 365-day organization, and Main Event is a one-day celebration of the Miracle Kids. At the event, participants dance for 13.1 hours. They also learned about the different challenges Miracle Kids face, painted banners for the kids and enjoyed lots of food to keep them fueled.

We had sisters participate on the leadership team as well. Sister AnnMarie Metzendorf worked on the recruitment team, flyering, sponsoring, and hosting recruitment events to get people involved.

“The best part of working with MizzouThon is definitely getting to know our 20 miracle kids,” Sister AnnMarie said. “These kids are such inspirations and are the heart and soul of MizzouThon. It amazes me how they are so happy and optimistic all the time.”

Our sisters danced on Team Will. Will is a 3-year-old with partial agenesis of the corpus collosum, meaning that about 1/3 of the corpus collosum portion of his brain did not develop.

MizzouThon has pledged $1 million over the next five years to fund the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Sigma Kappa is For The Kids!

Little Sister, Big Difference

Four times a month, sister Emily Isaacs meets with her little sister as part of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Missouri. She got involved through one of her classes on campus.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a program that provides strong and enduing 1-on-1 relationships to children across America.

“I have two little sisters at home. I am very involved with doing things with them and for them,” Emily said. “I felt like I was missing that at school.”

Recently, Emily and her little sister made Valentine’s Day cards and cookies, and then brought them to the police station.

“I like to do things that will make her appreciate things and will also help us bond,” Emily said.

With this program, Emily is able to get to know her little sister on a personal level.

“I get to know who she is and where she comes from,” Emily said. “Her life is much different than our lives.”

Service is one of Sigma Kappa’s four values. We encourage our sisters to get involved as much as possible, both through Sigma Kappa and in the community.

“I am in Sigma Kappa because I really love service and making a difference in the community,” Emily said.