Lifelong Friends

Katie Brage talks about some special memories she has with her mom. Being that my mother and I are both Sigma Kappas, we share a special bond that is like no other. She has always played a crucial role in my life. A significant memory I have with my mother during my collegiate years as … Continue reading Lifelong Friends


When Your Mom is Your Sister

Megan Branstetter talks about feeling connected to her mom and aunt through Sigma Kappa. You would think growing up in a home with two Greek parents that you would have a huge Greek presence, but that wasn’t the case for me. It wasn’t until the summer before college that I told my mom that I … Continue reading When Your Mom is Your Sister

My Best Friend

Devan Collins talks about her special bond with her mom! As I decided that I wanted to come to Mizzou and join a sorority, my mom told me that Mizzou didn’t have a Sigma Kappa. This was was disappointing for both of us, but much to our surprise Sigma Kappa recolonized during my senior year. I was … Continue reading My Best Friend

A Family Bond

This weekend is Mom's Weekend at Epsilon Mu! In preparation for a fun time with our moms, we are going to share a few stories about legacies throughout the week. Today, Emily Dunne talks about being a legacy with her grandma! There is a something interesting about being a legacy. There’s an underlying bond that … Continue reading A Family Bond

A Personal Connection

Megan Hampson, PC 2014 My grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's about 2-3 years ago, just a couple months later my Grandpa was diagnosed with dementia (a form of Alzheimer’s). At first my grandma had trouble remembering little things, like the time or just getting her grandchildren's names confused. My grandpa’s memory was still perfectly fine, … Continue reading A Personal Connection

Sigma Kappa Memories

Elizabeth Heidt   This little gem popped up on my time hop today.  I can't believe it was taken 16 years ago!  I have special memories attached to each of these beautiful faces; parties, volunteer work, dinners, studying in the dining room, Thursday night must see TV, learning and performing step routines, getting ready in the … Continue reading Sigma Kappa Memories

10 Favorite Memories of my First Semester in the Mystic Bond

Rachel Szopa, PC 2014 Let me start out by saying that I don’t believe in favorites. My likes and dislikes are far too complex and changing to ever be limited to just one “best.” And even if I did, I could never pick one single favorite memory of Sigma Kappa. This past semester has been … Continue reading 10 Favorite Memories of my First Semester in the Mystic Bond

How I Met My Best Friend

Becky Hardy Schutz, PC 2000, shares the story of how Sigma Kappa impacted her life. It all began in the fall of 2000 when I left behind my comfort zone and headed off to college. When I arrived at Mizzou a week early, I was one of about 1,800 girls who came early to rush a … Continue reading How I Met My Best Friend

Spring ’14 celebrates a year of sisterhood!

It's been exactly one year today since Epsilon Mu's Spring 2014 pledge class had their bid day and met many of their sisters for the first time! Sisterhood Chair and Spring '14 member Marlee Ribnick takes a look back and shares why, after just one year of knowing one another, her pledge class has a … Continue reading Spring ’14 celebrates a year of sisterhood!