Member Spotlight – Rachael Stark

Sister Rachael Stark, a sophomore, is also a member of Mizzou’s ROTC program. Army ROTC is a military organization that prepares students to become officers in the United States Army upon graduation. Here’s what she has to say about it:


Stark (right) and a friend at the ROTC booth.

As a second-year cadet and squad leader, I have many more responsibilities than I did last year. This semester I have a squad, and I am responsible for being a part of their chain of command to disperse information and help with any problems. It is fulfilling being a squad leader because I enjoy being there for the other cadets as a mentor.

I joined this organization because I am interested in pursuing a career in the military after college. I actually enjoy waking up early to workout! I have significantly improved my physical fitness through early morning Physical Training (PT). At first, 5:30 am sounded early to me, but now I am used to managing my time between Sigma Kappa, ROTC, and school. Military science classes and labs have taught me about the military and useful leadership skills. I have also met friends through this program that I know I will have for the rest of my life. We all have become really close because we all share common goals and values so it’s nice to have a friend there to motivate you to run faster and be the best cadet possible.

Untitled.2One of my favorite stories from Army ROTC was when we went to the rappelling tower at East Field during my first semester of ROTC. I was very scared – new people, new experience, and heights. I got to the top of the tower, knees shaking. I looked down, which was a mistake. I looked over and saw my battle buddies behind me. “You can do it, Stark!” they cheered. I looked down and the cadet at the bottom smiled and gave me a thumbs-up. These cadets barely knew me but already had my back. I got this, I thought and I jumped. Thanks to my fellow cadets and their encouragement, I overcame my fear of the big rappelling wall. I can’t wait to do it again!

I would highly recommend for others that are interested in the military to get involved! This organization is a great way to learn leadership skills that transfer over to all aspects of daily life. I have learned to love running, and I am very excited to learn more in the next two years that I have in this program.


Our Newest Mizzou ’39 Member

On February 29th, sister and former Sigma Kappa president Kara Simon received the honor of being one of this year’s Mizzou ’39 students. Each year, 39 seniors are chosen for their academic excellence, leadership roles, and service within the Mizzou community.


“I am so thankful to go to a school that has provided me with so many opportunities to grow as a leader, but more importantly, I am thankful to go to a school that provided me with the most inspiring of friends who motivated me to get this award,” Kara said.


As sisters gathered to celebrate this happy time, we congratulate Kara Simon on this outstanding achievement!

written by: Sabrina Salerno

Member Spotlight- Savannah Kannberg

Savannah, right, in a Lilly Pulitzer dress with sister Taylor at Greek Week basketball!

Savannah, right, in a Lilly Pulitzer dress with sister Taylor at Greek Week basketball!

Savannah S. Kannberg, junior Strategic Communication major, was offered an internship position with Lilly Pulitzer for this summer. This is what she had to say about her exciting news:

I’ve always been a Lilly Pulitzer girl. I love the bright colors, the crazy prints, and, of course, the story of Lilly Pulitzer, who was quite the creative entrepreneur. I memorized print names, collected pieces and spent more time than I want to admit looking at the Lilly website. Over the past few years, I would see the list of Pinkterns (as Lilly calls their summer interns) on their blog and dream of being one.

They say that if your dreams don’t scare you, you should dream bigger. I spent quite a few nail-biting months going through their process, which made me realize just how much I wanted this internship. There was a surprise phone call with Lilly’s Vice President of Human Resources during one of my classes, lots of emails back and forth with their super sweet Recruiter, a creative project and some Skype interviews, including one with the woman who will be my boss this summer! Each time, I would get more excited because everyone there sounded like me: they used exclamation points in their emails, they were excited to be working for Lilly and they definitely lived a Lilly life. I wanted to be there, at the Pink Palace!

I got a phone call on March 17, where I was offered the position of Creative Communications Intern for this summer at Lilly Pulitzer’s headquarters in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania! I don’t completely remember what I said, but it was a lot of “ohmygoshes!”

And then, two of my sisters surprised me by writing a “Sunshine,” congratulating me on getting my dream internship at our chapter meeting. I felt the overwhelming support of such a wonderful group of sisters, with all the sweet messages, hugs and from all of you who bragged about me to your parents, your friends and random strangers. Getting referred to as “Savannah, the Lilly Pulitzer girl” makes my day!

I absolutely cannot wait to start this summer of Lilly as a proud Pinktern! Look out for some Savannah-isms on their social media. (Aka, start following Lilly Pulitzer now!)

xx and lots of dove love,
Savannah Kannberg

Member Katie Alexander places third in All-Irelands over summer break

I have been taking Irish dance and music lessons with a group called St. Louis Irish Arts since I was ten. This summer, 38 of us spent two weeks in Ireland to compete in the world championships of Irish music, also known as the All-Irelands.
We spent a week touring around, seeing some of the most beautiful places Ireland has to offer.Alexander Ireland
The second week, we headed up to Derry, Northern Ireland for the week of celebration that is known in Ireland as the Fleadh Cheoil. For that week, all of us competitors attended music workshops and practiced every day.
We had two bands competing, one in the 18 year and older category, and one in the 15-18 year-old category, so we would all listen to each other play and each group would give constructive criticism to the other.
One of my favorite parts of the trip was watching the younger group practice and perfect its music. It wasn’t always fun to sit and work on the same things each day, but in order to do well in the competition we had to do it. It was so exciting to see the younger kids working so hard without being told.
Practices were long and sometimes frustrating, but all of our hard work paid off on the very last day of the trip when we went up on stage, played our hearts out, and all went home as world champions.
Both groups placed third in their respective categories, which was an incredible accomplishment for an American group. It was a bummer having to miss recruitment, but I can now say that I’m part of a team that is the third best in the world, which is a great feeling.
Post written by: Katie Alexander

Member Haley Hughes studied abroad in France this summer


I was blessed with an incredible opportunity this past summer where I got to spend six weeks in France and study both the language and culture.


The program started off in Paris where we spent one week site seeing and taking in all that the city had to offer including incredible views, gracious people and, of course, typical french food.

The next five weeks I spent in Lyon, France where I stayed with a host family. Lyon was the first capital of France before it became Paris. There I got to try lots of different foods including snail, frog legs, lamb, rabbit and cow intestines just to name a few.

I also got to travel and see a lot of France thanks to my host family.Hughes2

There is no way I could put into words what an incredible experience it was and everything I got to see and do while abroad. All I can say is that I learned a lot in a short amount of time and I am so very thankful for such an amazing opportunity.

I encourage others to take a step out of their comfort zone because it’s those experiences that open up your mind to so many things you may never have imagined.

If you would like to see or read more about my summer journey check out my blog.

Post written by: Haley Hughes

Member Nori Stone served as Bond County Queen

NoriThis summer I served as Queen of my county. I was able to visit other county fairs to promote my county and be a public figure in my community.

The first week of August is my fair where I will be queen for the first five days reigning over the livestock shows, demolition derby and tractor pulls. At the end of the week I will be crowning the 2013 queen and make my way back to Columbia for recruitment.

It was a great experience and I gained so much confidence in myself while making many wonderful memories.

Post written by: Nori Stone

Member Abby Kass met Lauren Conrad, others through her summer internship

Over this summer I had some amazing opportunities.
I am originally from Milwaukee, Wis., so I was excited to go home for the summer after my freshmen year at Mizzou. I was excited to see my friends and family, but I also had an internship lined up with the fashion editor of M Magazine, a local lifestyle magazine in Milwaukee. Along with that, I had a columnist position for the online magazine College Gloss Mizzou.Kass
One of my best experiences was meeting and interviewing my idol and role model, Lauren Conrad. She was in town for a book signing and I was so lucky to get to talk to her. Right before my interview was about to start, the power went out. I ended up having to do my interview by a window for light. Lauren was great though, and was so sweet. She even gave some great advice for college girls, like myself.
Through my internship I also got the opportunity to help style a photo shoot and interview Victoria’s Secret Angel Erin Heatherton.
Overall, my summer was mainly focused on my journalism career. While they were great experiences, I also really learned a lot. This summer really helped me realize what I want to do in the future.
Post written by: Abby Kass